Ballad of an Innocent Weaver Girl

Plot: Tsushimi Bunta
Scenario: Kazuki Wataru

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These translations are meant to be read along with the story, not to replace it. Please read alongside the game for the best experience.

Chapter 1

Emma: “Thread…check. Loom…check. Looks I can start preparing for this year’s Moon Viewing Ceremony.”

Villager: “Hey, Emma! We’ve got a situation.”

Villager: “The old wizard who does the Moon Viewing Ceremony each year said he wants to retire this year. “

Emma: “Really? Oh no…but why? It’s a village tradition—everyone looks forward to it every year.”

Villager: “Y’know how the Great Calamity this year was all messed up? Well, he got scared, saying, ‘anything could happen.’”

Emma: “Is that it? I think our village will be just fine, though…”

Villager: “You say that, but it doesn’t change the fact that with no wizard, we can’t do the ritual.”

Villager: “We should probably just skip the Moon Viewing Ceremony for this year. It’s a shame, though, since we’ve been doing it every year for a while now.”

Emma: “… Oh, I have an idea! I’ll just go to the Wizard Manor near the capital.”

Emma: “I heard you can consult the Sage and their wizards about how to deal with the fallout from the Great Calamity.”

Villager: “The capital? I can’t let you go all by yourself to such a far flung place!”

Villager: “Plus, you don’t have an in with them. Doesn’t matter if you’ve traveled all the way there from the countryside, there’s no way they’d lend you an ear.”

Emma: “There’s nothing to worry about. Have you forgotten I’m the daughter of the head of the village? I’ll have no problem going alone.”

Emma: “And I do have an in! He’s the one who told me to come when I’m in trouble.”

???: “Ahaha! Wheee!”

Akira: (Hm? Sounds like child’s laughter, but…)

A familiar voice, with a strangely childish quality about it, echoed from the hall.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but once I peeked in, it was exactly who I thought it was. A certain wizard clad in all white was frolicking around with his legs straddling a wooden rocking horse for some reason beyond me.

Snow: “How splendid, Owen!”

White: “What fun you must be having, Owen!”

Owen: “Yep, it’s real fun! It’s like I’m Mister Knight!”

Akira: (It’s afflicted Owen…)

The affliction Owen suffered after the battle against the Great Calamity was to switch personalities into the childish persona that was currently playing amongst us.

Not only that, he seemingly switched without warning…

Owen: “…What?”

Snow: “Oh dear, it seems he’s returned.”

There was no way to tell when he’d snap back to normal. Of all the afflictions, his was perhaps the most curious of all.

White: “Hoho, if only you could’ve seen yourself moments ago. You were so very adorable.”

Owen: “Nonsense. I’ve been myself this entire time. This horse? I was merely trying to break it since he looked like something Mister Knight would like.”

Owen: “Cuare Morito.”

Snow: “Now, Owen! Do not take it out on the toy.”

Owen: “Quiet. Shall I break you in the same way? Why, it’d be perfect—I’ll make it so you’re both ghosts.”

Mithra: “You’re the one who should be quiet, Owen. Just when I felt like I was finally about to drift off…”

White: “Oh, Mithra. Where did you choose to sleep today?”

Mithra: “Behind the stairs over there. It wasn’t very comfortable.”

White: “That’s because stairs were not made to be slept on.”

Bradley: “Fucking finally! Made it back.”

Akira: “W-welcome back, Bradley?”

Bradley: “Yeah, thanks. I’m so friggin’ hungry, feels like I’m gonna die. Hey, Sage, got anything to eat?”

Akira: “Sorry, I don’t have anything on me right now. I guess it goes without saying, but you sneezed and ended up flying off somewhere, right?”

Bradley: “No shit. And this time I got dumped in the middle of nowhere in the West. Took me a whole damn day to get back.”

Bradley: “Ain’t there a way to fix these shitty afflictions? I mean, you’re the ‘Master’ Sage here, I’m sure you could make somethin’ happen if you put some damn effort into it.”

Mithra: “I must agree. I don’t think I can stand this for a moment longer. Master Sage, you must find a cure for this at once. Hurry it up, won’t you?”

Akira: “Waaah…I’m sorry, you guys…”

Snow: “Come now, Bradley and Mithra, don’t frighten the sage so.”

White: “We, too, have been continuously searching for a way to cure our various curious afflictions. If we had discovered a way, you’d be sure to know by now.” 

Bradley: “Tch.”

Mithra: “Sigh. Utterly useless, the lot of you.”

All of the Northern wizards were afflicted from the most recent battle with the Great Calamity, without exception.

And although the curious afflictions all varied in symptoms, everyone was of one mind to do something about them.

Mithra: “Oh yes, Owen. How about you finally give in and confess what your curious affliction is?”

Bradley: “Yeah, that’s right, almost forgot that you haven’t told us what it is. Spit it out already.”

Akira: “Owen’s affliction is, uh…”

Owen: “…Master Sage.”

Akira: “Ack!”

Without warning, Owen suddenly brought his face within intimate distance of my ear.

Owen: “Listen up. I have absolutely no intention of letting those idiots know how I turn into that foolish version of myself.”

Owen: “So if you spill the beans…I’m gonna spill your blood.”

Although he said those words in nothing more than a whisper, they were cold as ice, and my whole body quivered in frozen terror.

Akira: “My lips are sealed.”

Owen: “….Good. Now hurry up and find a cure.”

I nodded my head with all my might, and Owen backed away with a chilling smile.

Bradley: “Ya got some nerve whispering secrets right in front of us. Sage, go on, tell us what he said.”

Owen: “You’ve got it all wrong. There’s no secrets between us. Master Sage and I just get along that well. …Right?”

Akira: “Y-yes! He’s right! I mean, that’s right!”

Akira: (Honestly, I don’t want to force any of the wizards who want to keep their afflictions secret to reveal them. I just hope we can find out how to cure them soon…)

Cock Robin: “Master Sage! Are you here? We have a guest…Ack! The Northern wizards!”

Akira: “Good afternoon, Cock Robin. Sorry for startling you. You mentioned something about a guest?”

Cock Robin: “Yes! Someone came here to see you, so I brought her with me. Please, go ahead.”

Emma: “H-Hello.”

TL: Chika

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